The passion, the goals, the motivation and our commitment more than anything was very apparent today. If we learn to move as a pack like we did today, I think we’ll go very far.


Strategy implementation programme facilitating the activation of the new worldwide strategy for key clients in Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and India.

Avéro Achmea

Bringing the commercial organisation to a higher level via creating breakthroughs on the work floor and with clients (2007-2011). Translating the commercial strategy to all commercial activities in daily practice (2008-2011).


Programme for senior leads in Philips Design to empower them in their new leadership roles.


Co-creating new ways of working, a new culture and the re-design of the organisation. Using the SoftBang Approach, we guided the management team members to transform the organisation themselves.

Municipality of Breda

A programme to facilitate effective performance in the networked society. In co-creation we developed an in-context bootcamp with and for the service organisation inspired on the Qijongh concept.


Organisational transformation of a part of the ICT organisation of DSM: facilitating a department to work on a combination of the ‘soft’ (culture and mind-set) and the ‘hard’ (structure and processes) performance elements.