• Walking in the rain, or going against the wind, or following the wind, in the mountains, along the beach or through the city: Rotterdam (!) NY, Berlin, London or Kampen.
  • A disarming question or answer that contains curiosity and the desire to understand also give me energy.
  • Getting to know new companies and making leaders curious about the part of their organizations, team colleagues or themselves that they don’t know.
  • A growth attitude and bringing leaders and teams there to jointly initiate, undertake or transform. “That’s what they call Thriving at The Thrive.
  • And moving from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’. Even more fascinating now that I have experienced it myself: unruly, exciting and emotional.
  • And lying in the water of a swimming pool or open water, preferably early and cold.

Growth potential

  • My growth potential is in a more relaxed, milder and playful collaboration with colleagues and customers.

Bucket list

  • Fewer must do’s, not making lists
  • To love
  • To be full of dedication

Founder of Theworldweworkin