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Would you like to speed up your strategy implementation by unleashing the energy and true potential of your organisation? Would you like to change your culture to increase business, engagement or agility? Do you want to strengthen your leadership or increase the impact of your teams?

Accelerate the transition to a thriving organisation

We advise (top) management teams to realise their strategic objectives and strengthen their leadership. We help you cultivate a strength-based way of working and the capability to oversee, lead and energise the transition.

We facilitate growth incubators and workshops, coach and train you and your people to design, lead and energise the transition.

Reversed Approach

With our reversed approach we offer you an integral method to make your organisation thrive. We do that by clarifying the direction, stimulating the involvement of your employees and by facilitating the organisation in finding their own organising principle. The Reversed Approach consists of five essential building blocks, which we apply depending on the needs of your organisation.

The steps are no different than most change approaches; we only reversed the order, because this does lead to sustainable success. By working with ‘what is’, finding the intrinsic motivation, the strengths of the people first and activating a result oriented new way of working after that, you will create an unstoppable movement.

This way of working positively influences the energy of your employees and hence the agility of your organisation. Which is vital in these times of exponential change.

Characteristics of the Reversed Approach

Space and open dialogue

Create an environment where intrinsic motivation can flourish by stimulating mastery, autonomy and value creation based on personal purpose.

Make it personal

A transition goes as quickly as the transformation of leadership and the people in the organisation. If you want to accelerate and go deeper you need to make it personal.

Sense making by doing

People truly know what they think if they’ve done it, experienced it. Change leads to insight more often than the other way around. This is how you activate your new way of working.

Steps of the Reversed Approach

Defining direction

Through ‘Imagineering’, ambition sessions and strategic dialogue we work towards a collective focus for the organisation. We do this by facilitating workshops for (top) management and follow-through sessions with customers and employees. This collective focus does not need to be completely defined before you start to engage your organisation and your customers. Even more so, we believe that the collective focus only emerges from working on it together. This embodied direction creates clarity.

Creating connection

A shared identity arises when your personal story intertwines with the collective story of your organisation. However, imagining the future identity – and personalising it – is not always easy. Yet it is essential to achieve intrinsically motivated change. We help you to trigger reflection on the future with identity and ‘growth mind’ sessions. The resulting deep connection surely will create a movement.

Exploring drive

To make sure your employees take personal ownership, we organise personal brand sessions. By doing so, we make their intrinsic motivation and unique talents visible. We match those with the new direction, allowing people to find their drive in taking ownership in the transition. We usually use Lumina profiling to help people find their strengths. If needed we offer vitality workshops. Naturally we can also offer your employees personal coaching.

Cultivate collaboration

In team workshops we activate teams by letting them work on realising results linked to the strategy of the organisation. We do this by highlighting team dynamics, effective ways of working and winning routines. This leads to high performing teams increasing synergy and concrete results.

Finding the setup

In order to successfully navigate through an ever-changing and interconnected world, a different way of organising is crucial. We facilitate you on your path to self-organisation by finding your own organising principle. Additionally, we support you during the implementation of a dual strategy. Resulting in the business of tomorrow (exploration) being in balance with the business of today (exploitation). With this we secure progress and growth.

Would you like to get more out of your organisation? And would you like to transform your organisation towards more agility and self-organisation?

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