For Teams

Would you like to capitalise on the diversity of your team or realise a collective focus? Or is there a conflict that emerges time and again?

Developing your team and/or strategic sessions

We facilitate the development of your team by unleashing the intrinsic motivation of your team members. The differences are discussed in a positive way and we help to put each team member in his/her power. Together we develop collaborative routines that lead to optimal results.

We can also facilitate your team session when you are going through a transformation or when you want to formulate and activate a new strategy.

Conflict handling and resolution

Is your team stuck in a rut and are you unable to get out of the negative spiral yourself? We can work with your team to resolve this and lay the foundation to find your way out.

Team Lab Project Accelerator

Together with (a part of) your team you can sign up for a session in the Team Lab Project Accelerator. Together with different teams from other companies you learn to set-up an effective change project for your organisation.

During this programme you will work with a well-grounded analysis on your project plan. We use the strengths of your team, catalyse team effectiveness and sharpen your skills to put people in motion. After three days at the Team you are completely ready to implement the change within your organisation.

Do you want to collaborate better and be more focussed with your team? Or would you like to develop the change management capacity of your team?

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