Jaap Donker - DT lid, GGD regio Utrecht

We are on a journey of discovery together with The Thrive: equal, inspiring with positive results and effects.”

Our cooperation started in 2017, as GGDrU we faced a tough task. We wanted to start a movement. A movement that would lead to more external visibility and internal cohesion (beyond the islands and in connection). Our GGDrU (700+) has grown rapidly in a short period of time through various mergers and transfer of activities, from 131 employees in 2008 to over 700 in 2020.

Erik-Jan and Bob are genuinely interested. They empathize and challenge us. We started with an intensive leadership program, which resulted in a continuous offer for our managers. Then they helped us choose a development approach that really suits us. An approach towards self-organization towards inspired agility in everyone. The Thrive remains involved from a distance.

A new leadership language has emerged. Managers are having better conversations with each other and with the employees. Internal cooperation has improved. We made the move towards self-organization. The Thrive has trained our people to facilitate this independently and they assist when groups are too large. Even now we enjoy the increased positive self-awareness, (style flexible) leadership, the ability to work together and increased flexibility. We continue with the transformation to self-organization. We are already talking to The Thrive about the next step in the development of the GGDrU.