Contract Terms - The Thrive B.V.

  1. We commit ourselves to carry out the programs in accordance with the set objectives with our client. The client and the consultant are obliged to inform all participants and consultants of these objectives.
  2. We commit ourselves to guide / coach / advise the participants in accordance with their potential.
  3. We commit ourselves to discretion towards people, employees of, and the organizations with which we work.
  4. We commit to inform our clients of all circumstances that could jeopardise the success of the individual and/or the organization during our interventions, with due observance of the discretion referred to in point 3.
  5. We undertake to strictly adhere to the agreed dates/planned interventions, except in cases of force majeure, including a consultant’s illness.
  6. Reproduction of our documents or parts thereof may only take place after our written permission.

  7. Use personal data We treat personal data confidentially and in accordance with our Privacy Statement that is on our website ( We process personal data on the basis of a processor agreement concluded with the client.

  8. Conditions for postponement Our clients undertake to inform us at least four weeks in advance of a possible change in the agreed times / dates. After this period, additional invoicing will take place for each trip equal to 20% of the fee of the relocated activity.

  9. Cancellation conditions In case of cancellation the following fee is due:
    • From eight to four weeks before the start of the program: 50% of the fee, being the costs for preparation, organization and administration
    • From four weeks to 10 days before the start of the program: 75% of the fee, being the costs for preparation, organization and administration and difficulty in replacing time with different activities in this short term
    • In case of later cancellation within 10 days: 100% of the fee.
    • If other agreements have been agreed in a contract, the agreements stated in the contract will apply.

  10. Liability The Thrive commits an obligation of best effort to the client and not a result obligation. The Thrive is not liable for damage caused by incompleteness or inadequacy of information provided by or on behalf of the client. Liability is only accepted for damage which is a direct result of a failure attributable to The Thrive in the fulfilment of the agreement and only if and insofar as the damage could have been avoided based on normal professional knowledge and experience and with due observance of normal attention and manner of professional practice. The Thrive’s maximum liability is limited to the amount of the fee for the relevant assignment, but up to the amount insured under its corporate liability insurance.

  11. Payment terms After the start of a program, the entire program is invoiced with a payment term of 2 weeks. For larger programs, specific payment agreements are made.

  12. Disputes: This agreement shall in all respects be construed and operate in conformity with Dutch law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts.