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Your Ability to Thrive During Crisis

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Whitepaper Leadership Choice EN

Over the years working in the field of leadership development, we have come across many inspiring concepts and definitions of leadership.
Our experience is that these concepts often don’t build on each other and create confusion and misunderstanding: what is leadership really?

Continuous transition has become the new standard. Standing still is treading backwards. Many leaders struggle to find an answer to the question of how they can give their results a new and sustainable impulse. How do you create a different and deeper kind of focus, increase adaptive capabilities and  transitions succeed?

Welcome to the VUCA* world, where the speed of change and uncertainty is just increasing. Sometimes the uncertainty and intensity peaks, as is currently the case with the corona crisis.

The world needs the best version of you. Especially now, in these turbulent times, you need full brain power, emotional agility, a clear purpose and lots of energy. We believe it matters to invest in thrivability, the ability to thrive!

This era will be remembered as the darkest or finest hour for many organizations. Climate change, viruses and increasing divides between people, are leading to merciless global events. These events grow the public awareness that humanity and nature are the most precious gifts we have. They expose the weaknesses of a global economic system, which grows economies for corporate profits only. We believe that this system needs to change to help us in the future. Businesses need to transform towards people-driven, societally relevant, and environmentally friendly organizations, delivering ‘meaningful value’. Creating value needs to touch more levels than just the bottom line: business-, growth- and societal level.


Quick reads

The current situation with social distancing is forcing us to go virtual. And although meeting effectiveness and engagement was already a hot topic, we now see that it becomes even more important when we go virtual.

Are you aware of your emotional response to the threats of the Corona crisis? What are you feeling? Leaders need their full emotional power as much as their thinking power in times when no one knows all the answers.

Inspiring people


‘Never stop Learning’

In this spotlight is the fast-thinking board
member and non-executive director Sander
van ‘t Noordende via camera. He was Group Chief Executive for Products for six years during his 32-year tenure at Accenture.

‘Space is the new place’

In the spotlight is the exuberant John Batten via camera from New York. He is the Global Cities Director for Arcadis. The Global Cities program started in 2013 and doubled in size from €500m back then to €1.1b in 2020.

‘Not all clients are created equal’

In this spotlight is the energetic and determined Managing Director of Global Strategic Accounts at Randstad Enterprise Group, Tania de Decker. Tania brings more than 25 years of experience in all facets of talent acquisition solutions and

‘Making clients happy’

Bob van Putten, co-founder & managing director of Flatland is looking back at a year of uncertainty, swift adjustments and commercial experiments. In partnership with the Thrive they designed a commercial excellence program at one of the most undefined moments in their history.

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