Beth Hooker - Program Director, RACV

I will always be grateful to the person that suggested I make contact with ‘The Thrive’ when I first arrived in the Netherlands and was charged with developing a change program in Compliance Risk Management.”

I have worked with Gert-Jan and Ingrid and their team in various development programs aimed at growing the leadership in the compliance community worldwide.

From the first meeting with both Gert-Jan and Ingrid, I could tell that we would make a winning team. They were very interested in not only the people development side of the project, but also the business impact and benefits of the change. Their engagement and commitment in being a business partner with my team to ensure that not only the participants gain personal development, but also that the program objectives and deliverables are met, for me is one of their key success factors.

They are always open to new ideas and experiences and I like the way that they are willing to challenge me and my team on our thinking and provide open and honest feedback. They go above and beyond what I have experienced before with change management facilitators by making regular contact with the participants after the program to hear the successes, and also to gain feedback and lessons learned. A true trusted partner.