Tineke Meints - HR Director, Randstad Netherlands

The Thrive has a healthy kind of rebelliousness; Erik-Jan and Boudewijn rise above their theory and models. They get under everyone's skin and in our hearts.”

Internationally, Randstad Holding has worked with The Thrive for many years on the Sales Leadership program. The extended MT of the Netherlands has worked with the Thrive over the past year on our team development and strategy execution.


The very first thing I felt was their genuine interest and commitment. That was the general sense of our management team too. Everyone was slightly nervous about what we were going to do during our team days. The beautiful interplay between you and our people has brought about something lasting; it was a turning point. A mirror has been held up to us. You made it personal and real by triggering us as a management team to express our intention. The seed of "we are one" was planned.

Now we knew what leadership we wanted. We have been brought back to our "purpose" by feeling inside and then expressing ourselves. When it gets too ‘fluffy’ you reverse the process and when it gets too rational you help us go deep again.

How is The Thrive different? What you do does not only linger somewhere in your head, but penetrates in our hearts. After our meetings with you, things have changed sustainably. For me personally, my self-confidence has increased.