Jack Hommel - Director, Achmea

Employees and managers talk to each other instead of about each other, with the aim of improving each other and the organization.”

Since 2011 we have worked three times with Achmea, Avéro Achmea, Centraal Beheer. The sessions were aimed at unlocking the deeper intrinsic motivation of its employees and linking this energy-rich to the organizational goals.

"The Thrive is inspiring because you are genuinely interested in our challenges and want to deeply understand what really matters for us. You are also able to translate this into an approach where people want to bring out the best of themselves - in a safe environment, creating beautiful things together. That combination of understanding and translating into an approach that comes in makes you unique. Others are also good at asking questions, don’t get me wrong, but they cannot translate it into an approach where people are touched, where they flourish or where emotions are released. It is often all too standard with regard to their offering. The setting you create results in effects where no one leaves the group when it gets exciting or when it gets close, everyone actively participates, because they like to.

After a meeting with your approach, "everyone loves each other just a little bit more" with all the positive effects that entails. This lasting positive effect is different from what other partners have managed to unleash, with your interventions there is a substantial change in cooperation within the organization. You will be open, you will give sincere feedback to improve together and then you will succeed. Employees and managers talk to each other instead of talking about each other, with the aim of improving their own organization.

And that's why I like to work with you.